Fuel Management Services (Specialty Products)

NSL Fuel Management Services Pte Ltd (“NSL FMS”) is a manufacturer and distributor of specialty products, marketed under our house-brand “Cheston”:

  1. Mould Release Agents:
    1. Cheston EcoForm
      Water-based, nontoxic and 100% biodegradable release agents that can be used on a wide range of forms and liners, including steel, wood, aluminium, fiberglass and plastic. These release agents provide superior surface finishes, suitable for both general and architectural forming. The agents are non-staining and odourless, reduce dusting and contain no Volatile Organic Compound (VOC).
  2. Greases:
    1. Cheston Lithium Grease EP2
      High performance, extreme pressure, lithium-based grease suitable for a wide range of industrial and automotive applications and engineered to provide a long service life.
      Recommended applications include lubrication of plain and rolling element bearings, general plant lubrication, construction machinery, quarry and mining, agricultural equipment, marine, elevators and automotive.
    2. Cheston Chassis Grease No. 2
      This Tacky, light duty, calcium-based chassis grease is recommended for lubrication of chassis, radial bearings and bearings functioning at moderate speeds and temperatures where EP properties are not required in automotive, agricultural and off-highway equipment.
    3. Cheston Cup Grease No. 2
      This economical, general purpose grease is suitable for agricultural and construction machinery, automotive and wet applications requiring a higher frequency of lubrication.
  3. Oil Spill Dispersants:
    1. Cheston OSD W
      This low toxicity, super strong water-based emulsifier is suitable for dispersal of oil spills at sea and on hard surfaces on vessels or on land, such as at harbours, beaches, shorelines, shipyards and terminals.
  4. Cement Remover:
    1. Cheston Cement-off S100
      This super strong cement remover, lime cleaner and descaler is used for removal of cement and concrete from trucks, drums and extension chutes. It is suitable for descaling of cooling systems, heat-exchangers and boilers. It is acid-free, non-fuming, non-caustic, non-flammable, environmentally-friendly, biodegradable and meets IMO requirements. 
  5. Industrial Degreasers:
    1. Cheston XD Cleaner
      This super strong, non-aromatic solvent cleaner is a fast acting degreaser and is specifically designed to remove and dissolve heavy deposits of grease, oil, dirt, tar, bitumen, carbon and other soil from all hard surfaces, including reactive metals. It emulsifies when in contact with water.
    2. Cheston HD Cleaner
      Formulated for heavy-duty cleaning, this is an extra strong, alkaline and water-based cleaner / degreaser. It is a safe and biodegradable product that can perform cleaning in a fast and effective manner on caked-on grease, carbon stains and stubborn soil on any washable surface.
    3. Cheston CD Cleaner
      This general purpose, alkaline, water-based cleaner / degreaser provides a speedy and convenient removal of a wide range of contaminants, including scorched and fatty deposits, oxidized oil, grease, wax, dirt and dust, grime, smudge, exhaust stains, soiled ink and light carbon deposits.
    4. Cheston AD Cleaner
      This non-caustic, non-corrosive, water-based cleaner / degreaser contains inorganic alkaline salts that are blended with biodegradable surfactant, corrosion inhibitor and organic solvents that can remove polar soils and stubborn stains effectively.