Our Specialisation - OilChem Green Energy

NSL OilChem Green Energy Pte Ltd
Each business has a responsibility to lessen its environmental footprint. At NSL OilChem Green Energy Pte Ltd (NOCGE), we help you do just that.

Established in 2005, NSL OilChem Green Energy Pte Ltd was founded to explore and utilise the latest technologies for the benefit of the environment.


An Expert in the 3Rs Approach

The 3Rs Approach is considered as the most effective approach for creating a sustainable environment. The main elements of 3Rs approach are:

  • Reduce: to avoid unnecessary waste generation
  • Reuse: to reuse resources where possible
  • Recycle: to convert waste into usable products

Why Choose Us?

Consisting of highly-motivated and trained staff members, NOCGE continuously work towards creating a zero-waste environment.

We own:

  • Singapore’s largest used-lubricant re-refining plant

    We are the market leader in the re-refining of used lubricant oil. Not only this, we also operate the first and largest used-lubricant re-refining plant in Singapore. 

    Using our proprietary thermal chemical process, we effectively:

    • Remove suspended hazardous contents
    • Remove dissolved hazardous contents like spent additives, heavy metals and solvents used in oil
    • Recover consistent and high quality base oil
  • Singapore’s largest on-shore marine slop oil recovery plant

    Thanks to our advanced liquid separation technology, we can recover fuel from marine slops and sludge regardless of the oil content in the waste material.

  • A fully-equipped, modern incinerator

    We own a fully-equipped incinerator, which has:

    • The ability to safely incinerate toxic waste, without causing harm to the environment. Our modern incinerator is equipped to handle all types of industrial waste that cannot be reused or recycled, including solids, slurry, and liquid waste.
    • Co-gen / waste-to-energy capability. We have built our incinerator as a co-gen plant because it helps reduce carbon footprint. The heat generated from the incineration process is continuously harnessed to produce electricity or steam, which is then channelled to be used in other parts of the plant.