Our Specialisation - OilChem Logistics Services

NSL OilChem Logistics Pte Ltd
RIGHT HANDS can do much. They can effectively negate the risk posed by hazardous materials, which can cause much damage when handled improperly.
If you let untrained hands handle toxic materials, you run the risk of:
  • Contamination – Toxic materials can contaminate the environment and become a grave health risk to humans, plants, and animals in nearby areas. Even a single incident of this kind can lead to a lot of bad publicity, damaging your company’s reputation permanently.

    General public may lose confidence in your commitment to protect the environment, and this can affect your turnover too. Your current and prospective clients may choose to do business with another company that has a safer and smarter policy for handling toxic waste. You may also have to pay a fine to regulatory authorities for the carelessness shown in handling hazardous materials

  • Accidents on site – Improper handling of toxic chemicals can lead to accidents on site, which can lead to injuries to the staff and/or damage to the machinery. In either case, you will suffer a downtime, which will brings down your production 

  • Failure to meet the industry safety measures – If you do not handle toxic materials safely and effectively, you may fail to meet the required safety standards, which in turn can affect your business gravely

When it comes to handling hazardous chemicals, you should trust only the experts, for the consequence of poor handling can be serious.

We are a team of highly-trained and experienced professionals and licensed specialists, who are adept in providing handling, transportation, and management services for your toxic and hazardous materials.


What else we offer you…

A comprehensive fleet of customised vehicles

We own a fleet of customised vehicles, licensed by the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), for safe handling and transportation of hazardous materials, including:

  • ISO-tanks
  • Oil tank trucks
  • Vacuum trucks
  • Hook-lift trucks
  • Crane lorries

A separate account executive to each project

To us, each customer is special and deserves complete attention. We assign an account executive to each project to assist in determining the customer’s handling or transportation requirements.  This may include an onsite survey, risk-assessment, collection of samples, or face-to-face discussions to ensure that the best resources are allocated to the job.

Expert handling, superior services, and peace of mind are what you get when you partner with us.